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Contact Westside Union School District

Please dial (661) 722-0716 and the extension of the Person(s) or Department you are trying to reach from the following:

Department/Subject Person(s) Extension
Accountability School Report Cards Suzanne Banks ext. 77140
Accounts Payable Julie Colonello ext. 79112
Assemblies Jeri Holmes ext. 79107
Attendance Terri Rowitz ext. 79106
Balances Terri Rowitz ext. 79106
Blood-borne Pathogens Susan Burke ext. 75887
Book refunds Terri Rowitz ext. 79106
Budget Lisa Jehlicka ext. 79103
Cash Collections Terri Rowitz ext. 79106
Classified Evaluations Kim Blackstone ext. 73111
Conference Requests Jeri Holmes ext. 79107
Consultant Contracts Jeri Holmes ext. 79107
Credentialing Johanna Dymowski ext. 73101
Employee Accidents Rhonda Hanson ext. 75105
Expulsions Michelle Gonzales ext. 74146
Financial Reports Terri Rowitz ext. 79106
Fingerprinting Kerry Rush ext. 77149
Funding Terri Rowitz ext. 79106
G.A.T.E. Testing Lisa Llarena ext. 71143
G.A.T.E. Testing Cheree Simons ext. 76020
Gifts to School District (Donations) Tonya Williams ext. 77132
Health Services Susan Burke ext. 75887
Independent Student Terri Rowitz ext. 79106
Insurance, Employee Susan Price ext. 73110
Inter-District & Intra-District Transfers Tonya Williams ext. 77132
IT Helpline ext. 46157
Mail (Intra-District) John Nelson ext. 72124
Mail (U.S) ext. 46737
Maintenance/Operations Work Requests ext. 42999
Mandataed Costs Nikki Skelton ext. 71113
Mileage (Conference) Jeri Holmes ext. 79107
Mileage (District) Julie Colonello ext. 79112
Parent Handbooks Suzanne Banks ext. 77140
Payroll ext. 46729
PeopleSoft Requestions Jeri Holmes ext. 79107
PowerSchool Suzanne Banks ext. 77140
PowerSchool Rowdy Dyer ext. 75319
PowerSchool Stephanie Ayson ext. 77071
PowerSchool - Parent Helpline ext. 40411
Purchase Orders Jeri Holmes ext. 79107
Reimbursements (conference) Jeri Holmes ext. 79107
Reimbursements (pre-approval) Julie Colonello ext. 79112
Reprographics ext. 46737
SARB Cathy Eichner ext. 74144
Special Education Scott Brewer ext. 44999
Staffing/Personnel Requisitions (Certificated) Johanna Dymowski ext. 73101
Staffing/Personnel Requisitions (Classified) Joy Llarena ext. 73141
Student Accidents Rhonda Hanson ext. 75105
Student Enrollment ext. 40901
Student Support Services/Student records Michelle Gonzales ext. 74146
Subfinder Editing/Questions Joy Llarena ext. 73141
Substitutes for School Business Joy Llarena ext. 73141
Textbooks Lisa Llarena ext. 71143
Transfers Terri Rowitz ext. 79106
Transportation Requests (funding) Terri Rowitz ext. 79106
Use of Facilities Rhonda Hanson ext. 75105
Warehouse ext. 72125
Workers Compensation Rhonda Hanson ext. 75105